Monday, July 5, 2010

If you have signed up for the competition, you must go down to Somerset Skatepark on Friday 9 July 2010, between 10am to 4pm to confirm your participation. Even if you did hand in your form but you did not sign in on friday, you will not be allowed to join the competition on Saturday..

If the quota for the maximum number of contestants for each sports has been met during the pre-competition sign up, you will not be able to sign up on friday itself. So go down to any of our outlets, fill up a form and give it back to us to guarantee yourself a spot in the competition.

Preliminary Competition and semi finals will be held at Somerset Skatepark on 10 July and Finals will be held on the 11 July at East Coast Skatepark. The top 10 winners of the Championship Cup will be given the opportunity to participate in the Singapore Xtreme Championship 2010 .

Continuing with X Games’ Real Street contest, Leo & Luan’s Real Street part and interviews are up.

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Zero just won for best tour name and best tour poster of the summer. Get out there and catch a ripping demo from this team.

CCS is proud to announce the Grand Opening of their newest store in the Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, North Carolina. On Saturday July 10th, The Toy Machine and Foundation teams featuring Leo Romero, Johnny Layton, Dan Murphy, and Daniel Lutheran will be in the store greeting fans and signing autographs from 12 p.m.-2 p.m. Fifty lucky heads will receive a $50.00 dollar CCS gift card. In addition, CCS Raleigh will be marking 20% off all store merchandise all weekend long! Plus there will be heaps of giveaways from all your favorite brands.
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Theeve has posted some more video coverage of its week at Woodward West. Garrett Hill, Aldrin Garcia, Jake Duncombe, Nick Palmquist and friends.
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“For the past few years, I”ve been running around the globe so much that I’ve missed out on the institution that is the East Coast backyard bbq. It’s in my blood. So simple and yet so fun. It’s been a daily occurrence on this leg of the trip. Camping out with all the bros at Freddy’s grandma’s house, spending nights by the fire, reflecting on the waxing and waning of the moon, and spots searching around in-between demos and signings. Morale is high.”—Keed Reed
Peep all the photos here.
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Active just posted this slice of life with wonderboy Cory Kennedy.
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Check in with the Flip team as they make their way through Europe on a mission of carnage, brutality and good ol’ fashion skateboarding. They started at Copenhagen Pro and they are currently riding in “das Sprinter” van across Germany in search of the most epic spots and late night watering holes, with a demo/signing in between all of the chaos. In a few days they will be making their way to Spain to conquer the mighty streets of Barcelona, so stay tuned for the next update.
Photos here.
Follow all the Flip Tour madness and hijinx at

Check out a Hallelujah premiere July 10 in Chicago with an autograph signing with Arto, Dylan, Tyler, and Gilbert. Info below.
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Jereme Rogers and his new Selfish brand were claiming a new rider on July 1. That rider is none other than Brian Wenning. Check its site for more.
Photo: Hunter R. Baker
“I’m excited and honored to have Wenning aboard Selfish to be the first link to building our team. He’s one of the pros that I enjoyed watching skate. He has a classic style and has been an innovator for as long as he’s been around. I look forward to building off of this foundation and extending our team” - Jereme Rogers

The KR3W team held it down and put on a gnarly demo for the Chicago crowd on the second to last stop of the 2010 Zumiez Couch Tour. Lizard King, Erik Ellington, Greg Myers, Furby, Jim Greco and Boo Johnson killed it, Muska held it down on the mic and announced, and the top 5 skaters of the Chicago Best Foot Forward ripped following the demo. Miles Canevello came out on top in Chicago skating everything on the course with speed and great style.
1st place: Miles Canevello
2nd place: John Oskvarek
3rd place: Steve Villarreal
Krew also released a video of the demo, check it out.
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Last night was the launch party for the 15 Yearés Of Photoés book by Atiba Jefferson at Space 15TWENTY in Hollywood. Being a photographer myself, I really look up to Atiba, because his photographs are not only amazing, but a majority of them are iconic photographs that have been embedded in my brain. The book is filled with all of them and then some, many which are a part of TransWorld SKATEboarding history. Everybody who wasn’t out of town made it out in support of 15 Yearés Of Photoés, and had a great time. The book is out in bookstores and skateshops now, you know you’ve been waiting 15 Yearés to get it!
A very young P-Rod was part of the 15 Yeares Of Photoes. Wow its been a long time.
Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.
Bobby’s new tat, baby Mike Tyson! So sick!
Braydon fresh off his flight from London.
Can’t have a party off of Cahuenga without Chris Casey being there.
Curtis from Supreme and Christina from the movies enjoying 15 Yeares Of Photoes.
Daniel Castillo and his 15 Yeares syrup.
Danny Montoya enjoying a cocktail and 15 Yeares.
Don Brown giving his thumb up for 15 Yeares of eS.
Erik Ellington between the Water’s.
Gareth Stehr and Skatetalk Bob enjoying 15 Yeares of photos.
Good to see Kevin awake this time, believe me.
Got my signed copy of the book, and here’s my proof.
Herman making a 15 Yeares quick appearance.
Jon Dickson taking in 15 Yeares Of Photoes.
Marquis Preston using 15 Yeares to scratch his head.
Mike Anderson and his many copies of Atiba’s 15 Yeares Of Photoes.
Slash was pretty happy getting his copy, he waited 15 Yeares.
Some of Atiba’s iconic photos in the world of skateboarding.
Someone who was a part of 15 Yeares Of Photoes, Mr. Paul Sharpe.
the Atiba collabo shoe.
The venue, Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood.

"The Championship Cup 2010 will feature the preliminary competition and semi-finals at Somerset Skatepark on 10 July. Thereafter, the finals of the Championship Cup will be held at the East Coast Skatepark on 11 July. The top 10 winners of the Championship Cup (Professional Category) will be given the opportunity to participate in the Singapore Xtreme Championship 2010."

The registration form can be dowloaded here

Completed forms should be faxed or emailed to Ms Lee Jia Xian
6735 4568 / / Scape Youth Center, 113 Somerset Road

Registration closes Friday July 9th at 4pm. But don't wait until then. Register NOW!