Friday, January 13, 2012

Spitfire wheels & Accessories in Stock.

Thunder Trucks 145's 147's in stock 2012

SK8 Pole

This is the ultimate sk8poling device!! The innovative rubber pusher tip is multi-directional and maintains 100% ground contact throughout the entire push motion creating maximum speed. You can literally skate for miles without ever touching the ground with your foot. Also, the combination of kicking, pumping and sk8poling will give you a workout, and cover distances you never imagined. This is the commuter pole. Perfect for kids, college campuses or adults looking for a fun workout. The adjustable length makes it convenient to strap it to your back pack and carry into class or work. Consistent use may cause your abs to become incredibly ripped. The sk8pole is not designed to be a breaking device. The Orginal Sk8pole is available in two colors, black and silver

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