Saturday, July 17, 2010

Paul Machnau - Red Star.

Red Star :Paul Machnau, Grant Patterson, Paul Trep, Chad Dickson. Grant Patterson

Transworld and Ball Park Jam - Sk8MafiaBlack label“Black Mafia”:Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey, Jimmy Cao,Shuriken Shannon.

Plan B Am Scott Decenzo and Felipe Gustavo – “Vamdalism”,

Original Skateboards in INTERSTATE BOARDSHOP

APEX 37 

Apex 37  that comes with orangatang wheels going @$519set. THK for all the love and support from all the skaters out there. regards INTErSTATe BOardSHOp. ENJOi !!!!

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Loudfest Game of SKATE
Date: 17 and 18 July 2010 (Sat and Sunday)
Venue: Ngee Ann City Loudfest Carnival
Time: 12pm
Registration: You can register at both OG and *SCAPE. Competition is capped at 48 competitors. There are 24 registration slots each at *SCAPE and OG. It is on a first come first serve basis.
Prizes: 1st prize: $800 cash, 2nd prize: $500 cash, 3rd prize: $300 cash

At 10am on Sat 17 July 2010, we will be drawing up the names of competitors for the battle @ Ngee Ann City

Competition format
We will be following the format for eS game of skate.
  • No old school tricks allowed
  • Once the board leaves it wheels, it must land on all four wheels, with both feet on the board. No rail landings, manual landings, caspers, 50-50s(the old freestyle trick) or cross-legged landings. No hands on board. No hands on the ground, before or after trick.
  • After each individual battle, the loser of the battle will be be grouped in a loser pool and the winner will be grouped in a 'winner' pool. In the final battle for champion, the winner of the 'loser' pool will duel with the winner of the 'winner' pool for SKATE champion.
Here it is, the very first episode of our new skate trivia game show. And who better than Girl founders Rick Howard and Mike Carroll to battle it out. Stay tuned as more episodes are on the way!
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Mikey Burton
Home: North Hollywood, California
Sponsors: The Hundreds, Markisa Accessories, Nike SB, Manik Skateboards, Goods Skateshop
Favorite city: Seattle with the homies!
Your deepest fear: Injuries!
Best skate video you’ve seen recently: Hallelujah.
Best street skater of the past year: Torey Pudwell.
Best tranny skater of the past year: Bob Burnquist.
Best rookie pro: Tyler Bledsoe. He’s pro now right?
Plans for the summer: Stack clips son!
Thing you would do if the world was ending: Party Like it was 1999—haha!
Waste of cash: Booze.
Next meal: Carne Asada burrito!
I first met Mikey Burton when he came to live in Sacramento for the summer. We loved giving him a hard time. One time we told everyone in town that he was the skater “Death Wish” and it bummed him out so bad. Another time I was mixing bondo with gloves on and greeted him with a handful of a bondo handshake. No matter how bummed Mikey got though, he was always killing it. I got to witness one of the gnarliest tricks I’ve ever seen done, which we used in Hallelujah (ollie over barrier to flat). He went to a spot that tons have been to and shut it down (landing it twice). That was the one day I couldn’t give Mikey a hard time.—Chris Ray
Song: Bitter Sweet - Dirty Laundry
Filmed & edited by Cory Williams
Additonal filming: Chris Ray, Kurt Hayashi, Anthony Claravall, Jeff Halsted, Max Henderson, Cory Woods, Josh Anderson

Photos: Garric Ray
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The Zero Wet Hot American Summer Tour jumped off yesterday in San Diego! It’s rolling through Arcadia, California today. Don’t miss it! Here’s a demo Zero did in Canada a few years back with Chris Cole, Jamie Thomas, Adrian Lopez, Tommy Sandoval, Jon Allie, Garrett Hill, John Rattray, Lindsey Robertson, and Ryan Bobier.
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enjoi put up a video on its site of a demo from the Weak Long tour. Check out Cairo, Louie, Clark, Nestor, Ben and more
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If you live in or around NYC or Paramus, NJ you are in for one hell of a good time this weekend as CCS is hosting the Plan B team for an autograph signing on Saturday and a skate demo on Sunday! The flyer says it all. The team will be at the CCS Paramus store on Saturday July 17th at 2pm for an autograph signing.  Come early to buy your Plan B gear for the team to sign. And on Sunday July 18th we’ll be mobbing down to the LES Skatepark for a demo, games of SKATE, product toss, the whole nine. Dont miss it!
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Traffic rider Deshi has the latest Traffic Report. Check it here or below.
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Eighth Ply Art Show
August 13, 2010
Location: Syrah Wine Parlor (901 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101)
Time: 8p-11p with hosted bar from 8p-9p for those on the guest list (
21+ event, no cover charge
We Love Creativity and Sk8ology are pleased to present Eighth Ply, an exhibition of over 40 artists with one common medium, a skateboard deck. Each skateboard deck will be exhibited at ASR from August 13 - 15, 2010 with an ASR after party and art exhibit at Syrah Wine Parlor on August 13 from 8p-11p. The skateboard decks will be displayed and sold at Syrah Wine Parlor during the event on August 13. A percentage of each sale will be donated to Now That You Know, which helps enable ambitious girls without resources in Meru, Kenya to stay in school (
The ASR after party and art exhibit at Syrah Wine Parlor will be on August 13, 2010 from 8p-11p with a hosted bar from 8p-9p for those on the guest list.
Artists Include: Sam Larson. Brooks Sterling. Luke Wessman. Matty Davis. Eric Wixon. Pablo Aguilar. Stephen Forrester. Serena Fritchle. Sarah Spinks. Martha Martin. Jason Feather. Nick Denambride. Kelli Murray. Steve Peek. Steve Caballero. Lance Mountain. Michael Amorillo. EXIST1981. James Tull. Christy Pepper Dawson. Tocayo. Colin Whitbread. Carly Ealey. Brent Sandor. Wendy Teague. Sam Phillips. Alex Lopez. SOUR. Nick McPherson. Haley Ann Robinson. Mike Maxwell. Jenny Daniels. Jayson Atienza. Dawley. NITOS. + more.
We Love Creativity is an artistic movement dedicated to exposing individuals to the creative works of today’s artist.
For more information about future events and We Love Creativity, please visit The Sk8ology Display System and corresponding DeckDisplay website were created to showcase the art of
skateboarding. For more information about Sk8ology, please visit

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July 22–August 3. Catch the Deathwish team in your hood!
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The 4th of July is a great American holiday, and etnies just posted a video feature showing Sean Malto and friends enjoying it. You can check it out here.
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Agency Thursdays: A Rainy Day with Josiah, Thursday, July 15th 2010
Stereo’s got a clip from Josiah Gatlyn who checks in from Pompano Beach, Florida.
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Point & shoot videos are all the rage these days. Here’s The Nuge with his clips.
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Pocket Cam 8 features the Dekline team at Woodward West.
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